Frogmen Caspian Flotilla master special weapons for underwater shooting

A squad of combat swimmers of the Caspian flotilla began phasing special underwater training in points-based ships. During these activities the military will fulfill complex tasks protivopodvodno-subversive ensure ships. To fulfill the objectives for the protection of marine-based approaches to the point, visual observation of the water area of the men ride in small boats, motor boats and dinghies.

As the press service of the Southern Military District, in the process of training each specialist acquainted with the basics of mine blasting work, learn how to use diving equipment, will fulfill the mandatory elements of the special underwater acrobatics, will master the techniques of underwater battle with the use of firearms and bladed weapons. On-goal during the preparation frogmen perform target practice of special weapons for underwater shooting — gun SPP-1, DP-61 grenade launcher, machine APS-55, with which at a depth of 40 m can destroy enemy divers at a distance of 10 meters, to break cladding or bottom of the ship. Out of the water hitting the possibilities of this unique weapon increases tenfold.

Pistol SPP-1, 1M

Machine APS-55

DP-61 grenade launcher and  DP-62


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