Frolovskiy elevator resumed operation

In the Volgograd region has begun to live a new life once one of the closed enterprises. For several years Frolovskiy elevator rebuilt from scratch.
The start button is pressed, which means Frolovskiy elevator back in service. With the restoration of the enterprise jobs gained nearly 100 local residents.  

Oleg Chuk, apparatchik, "it follows that the equipment is running at full, the performance was good, there was no failure. Currently engaged in mopping up, ready to receive grain. "
Frolovskiy elevator was designed and commissioned in the early 70’s as a highly mechanized waste-free production to store silage as well as having the equipment for receiving, drying and processing of millet. It was part of groats and shop for the production rations. At the beginning of the two thousandth company was closed due to unprofitability. In May 2011, the elevator is moved to a new owner, and from that moment began to invest in its renovation and modernization — is covered roof, restored silo barrels, updated equipment.
In addition, there appeared Equipment capable of protein grain, and it is an important indicator. Today, the elevator is going to be enrolled in a special program as an enterprise for export of grain, so the quality issues are particularly important for the production. It is encouraging workers say that the first batch of products produced at the elevator to remain in Russia.
Elena Duhanovskaya, executive director Frolovsky elevator: "The first batch we send to Voronezh. Negotiations are underway with other buyers. If you add up all the good we can reach full capacity grain manufactory — around 4,000 tons, we can recycle at home. "

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