From the new Kalashnikov make a sniper rifle


Now at the Izhevsk Machine-Building Plant tested the latest model of the Kalashnikov AK-12. Despite the fact that the tests are far from over, the prospects of Izhevsk new items can be estimated now. The press service of "Izhmash" reports that talk about the results of tests of the new model yet. Test shooting began only in December 2011, and it takes time to test the efficiency of the machine in different circumstances and, if necessary, to make improvements in design, — says Elena Filatova. For design, one of the advantages of the new weapon will be its modular design. On the basis of the AK-12 is planned to develop a whole series of different firearms. Including civil versions and even a sniper rifle. By the end of 2012, automatic plan to send to the state test, and in 2014 — to begin mass production. The press service of "Izhmash" also reported that the decision to develop a new model of the Kalashnikov assault rifle is an initiative of the plant, rather than a consequence of the state order. The enterprise convinced that the AK-12 will be in demand in foreign markets and hope that the Russian Defense Ministry will assess the new development of domestic arms manufacturers.

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