From the report, Israel Shamir, read in Trondheim, Norway. 2002.

Remember … these beautiful autumn days when the leaves on the dark blue waters of the lakes fill with your crimson and gold, and the crystal-clear air flows around the snow caps of your jagged peaks — these days may be the last sunny days for many years to come. Preparations for the World War II, a war that begins in Palestine. Repeated in August 1914, the eve of the Great War. The First World War began in the Balkans, in Bosnia. If, in August 1914, you told the Frenchman that his friends will die because of Bosnia, he would have laughed at you. But within a few months after being shot in Sarajevo color of French youth was knocked out at Verdun. Today is repeated in 1914. Today is repeated in 1939.

As in 1939, we will see, rushing to a redivision of the world. George W. Bush's speech vividly recall the speech of the then German chancellor. But who writes these speeches? Who is pushing for war? Monopolies, oil and arms dealers, as we are told, or other ideological circles? Incendiary Bush's speech about the "Axis of Evil" was written-Zionist speechwriter David Frum, who had specialized in the fight against "anti-Semitism". Another Zionist Wolfowitz actually stands at the head of the armed forces of the United States. The leading Zionist thinker Norman Podhoretz calls for war, while nailiberalneyshy attorney-Zionist Alan Dershowitz advocates torture as the surest way to know the truth.

Let's take a closer look at the U.S. plans. Recently we had the opportunity to see what they are cooking. U.S. plan to destroy Iraq, invade Syria, Saudi Arabia divide into several parts separated from her field of petroleum, bring them to Israel and settle accounts with Egypt. The news was gently told us the representative of the Jewish lobby Lauren Muravets (Laurent Murawiec), which led to the Pentagon Chairman of the Committee of Defense Richard Perle.

Pearl — this "hawk", a friend of Sharon, a career Zionist and is rumored to be an agent of Israel — calls for the seizure of Arab oil fields, the transfer of Mecca and Medina under the rule of the Hashemite and Saudi confiscation of property. It represents the voices of many American Jews. Jonah Goldberg, a columnist for the prestigious "The Jewish World Review," states that "Baghdad has to be destroyed. America should go to war with Iraq, even if it will endanger the lives of innocent Iraqis and Americans. " In "Los Angeles Times" Professor David Perlmutter is expressed even more bluntly: "I have a dream, Oh, if only! Would that, in 1948, 1956, 1967 or 1973 Israel followed by the Third Reich! Then today the Jews, and not be owned by oil sheiks Persian Gulf. " Infinite cuts, "think tanks", the institutions associated with the powerful Jewish community in the United States, are woven into a thick web around the Pentagon and the White House. It is they who are the driving force of the new "Drang nach Osten" of President Bush.

Let's face it: the Jewish elite in the U.S. are pushing the country closer to Armageddon, to the fact that in the Norwegian tradition called Ragnarok, the Last Judgment, in order to put the Jewish state at the head of the world. This plan crazy megalomaniac suffering from delusions of grandeur. But they control the only superpower, and its atomic foothold in the Middle East.

"Oh, no — you say: — we know the Jews, this is a lovely, intelligent, peaceful and pleasant people. There must be some mistake. " Let me remind you of the story of 19th century American writer Edgar Allan Poe about his time in Germany.

He describes the Germans as a docile and peaceful people interested in growing cabbage, playing the piano, the construction hours, smoking pipes and philosophizing. Exactly the same pattern is also found in Mark Twain's essays on his travels in Germany. Probably, this pattern corresponds to reality. In 1916, during the German occupation of Minsk, the German officer was a witness at the wedding of my grandparents. When 25 years later, they decided to flee the advancing German army, their Jewish neighbors laughed at them, "You fell for the Bolshevik propaganda, there is no escape for any reason, the Germans — a lovely peaceful people and the best friends of the Jews." Despite this, my grandparents took the legs and saved himself from death at the hands eynzatskomand from the Germans, who were not interested in tubes and cabbage.

People change. And if the Germans could have peace for a while to become a walking terror to the whole world, they can also become Jews. I want to believe that the Germans had returned to normal, the same will happen to the Jews, but I do not think it will happen on its own, while rushing from Israel a racist taint. On the way to the airport, "Ben-Gurion," I bought a number of "Haaretz", our main liberal newspaper. There was a dispute between the head of the General Staff of our Buki Ayalon and former Prime Minister of Labour's Ehud Barak. Ayalon compared the Palestinians with cancer. Vice-President of the Socialist International Barak disagreed with this. He said that they are more like a virus.

Israeli racism is distributed among the Jewish communities with the speed of a forest fire. Given that the Jews are an influential part of the U.S. and to a lesser extent the European elites, they transmit the disease to others. Their newspapers and television preach racism and hatred towards Muslims, Germans, French, and all the rest.

Revived in Israel tribal hatred of a goy is poured into America in the preaching of contempt for ordinary ordinary white working, "redneck" and a Negro who "should know their place." Their place — in the ranks of the army, ready to destroy their brethren abroad "redneck" and "Cobra."

In Norse mythology, evil and cunning Loki tricked good, but blind Hoeda and forced him to kill his brother, Balder light — this Nordic type of Christ. Now Loki is again trying to provoke a war between brothers. It is our duty and our right — to reject the advice and stop Loki Ragnarok. This can not be done by ignoring Palestine.

For many years, I repeat: Palestine / Israel should be a democratic state in which Jews and Palestinians would live happily as equals. — But it is a democratic Jewish state would not — I would argue. — Well, thank God — I will answer. The Jewish state also disgusting, like Aryan. Jews without a Jewish state United States and other countries will return to normal, forget their nightly dreams of world domination and become law-abiding citizens of their countries.

Until now, only our wonderful friends, friends of Palestine, supported the idea. Now it becomes necessary not only for the Palestinians, this courageous and hard-working people, but also for the sake of all of us, for the sake of world peace. There are Israelis who want to live in peace with its Palestinian neighbors, in partnership with churches and mosques, but we are not able to withstand external forces supporting Sharon's evil and treacherous Peres. Good Israelis and their Palestinian allies can not win as long as the supply lines of the enemy will not be cut off.

The story, the mighty Thor came in Utgarde praised his prowess. Gods Uthgardt offered him a drink Golden Horn to the bottom. Thor drank and drank, but the horn remained full. It was not a miracle: the horn was connected to the well. Just cutting the umbilical cord, Thor was able to stand the test of horn and drink to the dregs. If you, the peoples of Europe, blocking the external support of Israel, we, the Israelis and the Palestinians will be able to change things and bring equality to Palestine and Israel.

Dismantling of the Jewish state and its transformation into a state for all its citizens will be an important moment in the development of mankind. Instead of being a testing ground for globalization, the Holy Land will be the ideal of integration. The conquerors and the natives will merge together, as did your ancestors Normans in eastern England, Sicily and Normandy, as children become crusaders Provence Palestinians in the hilly villages and Shinji Dzhifna. Then the Jews in other countries will again be a blessing to their neighbors, as was my holy ancestor in your wonderful cathedral city.

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