From the Russian army will be officially pay off?

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On evaders of military service may impose lifetime tax. A number of deputies of the State Duma have proposed legislation that everyone who does not want to go into the army, will pay 13% of their earnings as long as it will retire.

Some MPs believe that this is too much, and need to reduce the size of the collection. However, at the discussion stage, no one came until protests against the introduction of such a law. About the idea to boost the coffers at the expense of recruits — the material correspondent of "Vesti FM" Nikolai Osipov.

For exemption from military service can be paid for. Long and hard, but it’s official. In the State Duma a draft law by which the so-called "deviants" will be subject to financial penalties. Voluntarily or involuntarily — depends on the recruit. The deputy chairman of the Duma Committee on Defense Franz Klintsevich proposes to introduce an additional tax on such citizens. They will pay monthly to the Treasury 13% of their earnings to their retirement. Many experts have supported the initiative. Among them — the chief editor of "National Defense", the chairman of the Public Council under the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation Igor Korochenko.

"For the citizen, the slope of the line of duty, will be issued the corresponding writ of execution or judgment, on the basis of which it will be until his retirement pay 13% separately as a special tax, related to the fact that people avoided the constitutional obligation — military service ", — says Korochenko.

It is unknown how this bill is consistent with other laws, tax, labor codes, and that all of himself legally to represent the financial tax — tax, a lifelong penalty payment or something. It is not known, and who will have to pay — the employer or the person inductee, as well as the financial mechanism for the recognition of the citizen obligated. In all likelihood, this will be addressed through the courts, suggests Igor Korochenko.

"Obviously, to be adjudicated that he now is the payer of such tax. But in this case I think that the law should be stated that if a citizen voluntarily surrendered and was willing to undergo military service, the effect of this bill against him personally shall be suspended upon completion of military service, it is deleted from the taxpayers, "- says Korochenko.

It is assumed that the money raised will go to the needs of the Army, for example, to pay for contract — it will install the Finance Ministry. A similar scheme is the official "payoff from military service" is offered at the time. Then the deputies called specific amount — 1,000,000 rubles — this time payment can reclaim from the call once and for all. But the bill is not passed. Similar ideas have already been considered in the neighboring republics. For example, in the Kyrgyz parliament a few years ago, recruits are not allowed to serve, paying a few hundred dollars. Georgia also introduced a paid respite — about $ 100 a year, and if the citizen immediately brought ten-rate, it could once and for all forget about the call. Ukrainian prices higher — there bill is already in the thousands of dollars. Some European countries offer legal schemes unwilling to serve: Albania — 4000 dollars In Greece, after six months of service, you can go home by paying about $ 250 per month. But all of this one-time payments. The new version, voiced in Russia, more severe and burdensome, and therefore raises some doubts among human rights activists, says director of the human rights center "Citizen. Army. Right "Sergei Krivenko.

"In principle, it is permissible. Such mechanisms exist in some countries, but let us think that our country is acceptable and what is not. I believe that this is unacceptable. It will again be a tax on the poor and inequality, that is, those who can not pay off, go to the army, give serfdom kind, and those who can, let’s money. It’s not fair, I think, "- said Kryvenko.

In defense of the supporters of the initiative point to the fact that the issue of military service is not tied to a specific amount, determined only by the percentage of revenue, so in that sense of equality is established between the wealthy and not so wealthy conscripts. But skeptics continue to look for cons to parliamentary proposals. It is suspected that such a tax burden evaders to push their income artificially low. Closed and the issue of corruption. It is quite possible that the one-time bribe officials for the release of the service, as it is sometimes practiced today and will remain in use, the sum will grow. And Sergei Krivenko not sure that the whole scheme will work, because now deviators face imprisonment and a fine of up to 200,000 rubles, but no one was fined massively. And who can guarantee that the new version of financial penalties to be applied universally, asks human rights activist.

"Those figures evaders, which they say defense officials (150-200 thousand young people supposedly we shirk) is not true, because these deviators can be called only those who are convicted, as such, we have only a few hundred in the country" — says Kryvenko.

However, the proposed bill has not yet caused major protests, negative evaluations are rare. And even in the Duma, where the parties do not so often disagree with each other on this issue there is no serious disagreement. Some deputies argue about the size of percentages for release from service, but it is a corrective comments, which show that while most experts are not against the official "buy-out of the army."



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