From the top — 58. Roller Engels EDO signal to them. Gluhareva

The person perceives the world through the senses. And any technical object "see", "hear", "under pressure", "according to the motion," etc. using sensors. Sensors — it senses art, for example, helicopters, airplanes, rockets, space stations. The more complex the object, the more perfect Those switches. Engels Experimental Design Bureau "signal" to them. Gluhareva in its history has created more than 1,000 types of sensors for civil and military aviation. Enjoying an interesting video "From the height — 58"! About the company that helps technology to "feel" the outside world.



Photo video. Roller under the cut!




Brief information about the company:

Open Joint Stock Company Engels Experimental Design Bureau "Signal" to them. AI Gluhareva
Date of establishment of the enterprise: May 24, 1954
Place of business: Engels, Saratov region
Industry: Engineering (instrument)
Main products: instrumentation products
Total number of employees 570 people. of these young people 39%
Major advances enterprise:
1. The company is the leading, and for a significant number of products — the only one in the Russian developer and manufacturer of unique instrumentation and control pressure for aviation and space technology, and other industries.
2. The company is developing dynamically: output over the last 10 years have increased more than 13 times in just under two-fold increase in staff and complete modernization of scientific and industrial infrastructure.
3. The company is one of the leaders in Russia and to ensure the development of socially responsible business.

Engels OKB "Signal" is a part of JSC "Concern" Aircraft Engineering "GC" Russian Technologies ", is a shareholder of" Aviation industry, "a member of the Association" Union of Aviation Engine "and the All-Russian Industrial Association of Employers’ Union of Machine Builders of Russia", the company is included in the list of strategic organizations ensuring the implementation of a unified state policy in the relevant sectors of the Russian economy.

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