From today (04.06.2013) AN-148 flies Irkutsk-Magadan-Irkutsk

The aircraft specially modified to operate in a fairly difficult climatic conditions of Siberia and the Far East

  • Photos from the official website of A / K "Angara"
  • Photos from the official website of A / K "Angara"

Magadan, June 4, North ET. In Magadan arrived AN-148. This is one of the latest developments of post-Soviet aircraft designers. By equipping short-haul aircraft in 2012 compared aviators issue with Boeing. It operates regular flights to Irkutsk-Magadan-Irkutsk — GTRK "Magadan".

These 30 tons and can make landing on unprepared, snowy and unpaved airfields. AN-148th designed to Russian conditions, so no problems with acceptance. Short-haul passenger aircraft. Its design has been used components and assemblies 15 countries: including Russia, the U.S., France and others. Voronezh production license Ukrainian ships of this class produced only three years. But this plane is one of the youngest. Than one year, as he came down the assembly line. The maximum height of 2 meters fuselage. The passenger cabin is designed just for transformation in the form of "flying hospital" with all the necessary medical equipment. In the meantime, it is the passenger cabin and very roomy. The total of 75 seats. Chairs, aisle width and conditions of safety of flight to modern European standards.

Dmitry Myasnikov, Sector Manager, Network and incomes airline "

The aircraft was specially modified to operate in a fairly difficult climatic conditions of Siberia and the Far East. And successfully demonstrated its performance on regular flights in Yakutia. The complex electronic equipment allows to land in bad weather and at night. Navigation equipment crew compares with Boeing’s opportunities. Some new items of electronics on this model airplane made a step forward.

Nicholas DYRENKO, aircraft commander, said: It’s all automatic. Ie, in the preparation of clogged route built satellite navigation. And the plane itself is already carrying, we only check the accuracy of navigation.

Regular flight of AN -148 for the first time prepared to fly from Magadan to Irkutsk. Experts Kolyma aeronautical’ve seen so far only on paper liner. Now everyone can see "live".

According to Sergei Zamaraeva, general director of the company "Magadan Airport" is now an instructor flew on this plane. He explains our dedicated aviation engineering service nuances that need to know the operation and maintenance of this type.

All tickets for the first flight Irkutsk-Magadan already sold. Landing at the destination point — four and a half hours.

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