FRUKUS 2012: the teachings of the four fleets

This year, the Russian leadership entrusted with large-scale exercises in the Baltic. Joint military operations fulfill sailors from France, England and the United States. Operation scenario — the fight against pirates and terrorist groups.

Baltic Fleet patrol ship "Yaroslav the Wise" opens fire with artillery on the low-flying targets. Fire support him have destroyer "De Grasse" French Navy, the U.S. cruiser "Normandy" and the British frigate "New York." Such large-scale naval exercises held in the Baltic Sea for the first time.

Directs the training operation, the Russian side, all the sea episodes as complicated. Ships four fleets fulfill joint action to meet the challenge of piracy and terrorist groups. Scenario training operations like Action thriller destroyers and aircraft attacked the enemy ship, with whom they come in an artillery battle.

Attack planes, bombers, helicopters and anti-submarine of the Baltic Fleet simulate a massive air attack. Ship’s air defense system to detect, track and destroy targets.


These annual international exercises have been around for more than 10 years. In 1993, Russia, Britain and the United States began to cooperate in the framework of the "Ruckus". Its current name — "FRUKUS" — appeared in 2003, when she was invited to cooperate France.

Head of Energy Department of French destroyer "De Grasse" IRE David said: "For us it is very important to develop a relationship with the navies of the Nordic countries and, of course, Russia. During this campaign we made a call at ports in the Baltic and Severomorsk, fraternized with your sailors. We are well understand each other — in fact all the sailors and common interests, we can say the same language. "

These exercises do not involve competition, the main thing — coherence. International observers are satisfied with the result — it’s a learning experience that can come in handy during the joint peacekeeping missions. Completed exercises in St. Petersburg, where the ships will arrive on Sunday. 


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