FSB in Siberia prevented attempts to transfer secret information

Staff at the Novosibirsk FSB prevented two people of the region to transfer to special services of foreign states with information constituting a state secret, reports agency on Friday. "Counterintelligence officers arrested red-handed digging monetary compensation from the post office box for the previously allocated to foreign intelligence materials resident of Novosibirsk. Former employee of one of the defense industry itself has made contact with a foreign intelligence service for the transmission of the financial rewards of materials for modernization of military equipment," — said in a statement .

Also, according to the FSB, a resident of one of the municipalities of the region intended to convey intelligence agency "western state" information constituting a state secret their infrastructure used in the period of mobilization and wartime. To do this it is also prevented by the FSB. "Russian Federal Security Service in the Novosibirsk region both citizens announced the official warning about the inadmissibility of actions that create the conditions for the commission of crimes under Article 275 of the Criminal Code (high treason)," — said in a statement. Counterintelligence note that both the helper are turned into special services of foreign states.

A spokesman for the FSB Irina Zebrova told RIA Novosti that the criminal case of treason against the citizens may be instituted in the case of repeated attempts to commit such a crime.

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