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Almost 36% of children in Fukushima Prefecture were diagnosed abnormal growths on the thyroid gland, although doctors say that there is no connection between these diseases and the accident at the Fukushima nuclear ustonovki at Dai-Ichi in March last year there.

The sixth report of the Office of Health of Fukushima prefecture, released in April, included a survey of 38,114 children, of whom 35.3 percent — that is about 13,460 children — were found cysts and nodules up to 5 mm (0.197 in.) on the thyroid gland.

Still at 0.5 per cent, u186 young people nodules were detected over 5.1 mm (0.2 inches).

A study conducted by the Association of thyroid Japan in 2001 found that no child in the city of Nagasaki had nodules, and only 0.8 percent have had a cyst on the thyroid gland.

"Yes, 35.8 percent of the surveyed children have a tumor or cyst, but it's not the same thing as cancer," — said Naomi Takagi, an associate professor in the University Hospital School of Medicine, Fukushima, who ran the tests.

"We do not know what is causing this, but it's hard to believe that this is due to radiation exposure," — she said. "This is an early test and we will see the consequences of radiation exposure only after four or five years."

Local authorities carry out a long-term testing of children who were younger than 18 years old on March 11 last year, the day when the massive tsunami that struck eastern Japan, the crippled Fukushima nuclear plant.

Investigations of the thyroid gland was first held in October last year and will be held every two years, while Mr. edostignut subjects age 20 and every five years for other children.

The second report was issued by the Japanese Institute of Radiological Sciences, which stated that the thyroids of some children living near the plant were subjected to "life" doses of radiation.

Source www.telegraph.co.uk Translation newsstreet.ru

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