Fund Skolkovo is involved in the development of the antiviral drug Triazavirin

Fund "Skolkovo" is involved in the development of the antiviral drug "Triazavirin", developed by scientists of the Urals. As reported today in the regional information center "TASS-Ural" the head of the Ural pharmaceutical cluster Alexander Petrov, filed an application for a third phase of clinical trials of the drug.
The drug was developed by "Ural Center for Biopharmaceutical Technology", created in the Ural pharmaceutical cluster. It includes the Institute of Organic Synthesis and the Institute of Metal Physics, Ural Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, 12 enterprises producing medicines, ready to invest about 20 investors.
Studies have shown that Triazavirin effective in treating both the "bird flu" H5N1, «swine flu" H1N1 and 15 other viruses. Another advantage of the drug is that it affects the virus during the entire time of the disease and not only in the first days. Clinical efficacy "Triazavirin" superior efficacy similar to western drugs.
Source: "ITV Television" (Ekaterinburg)
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