Gang control of the Southern Military District received for service stations 4 P-166

As part of the management team of the state defense order of the Southern Military District (SOUTH), stationed in the Stavropol region, in early December of this year received a 4 station P-166 on the basis of KAMAZ-43114.


These radios have replaced the outdated and less effective means of communication based on the previous generation of the ZIL-131. Radio R-166 surpasses its predecessor in all respects. Thanks to a computerized control system decreased by 2.5 times during her deployment and configuration. The quality and range of services increased by 2 times.

Along with upgraded hardware, which have become more mobile, to replace the analog samples came new hardware systems with digital communication segments based on KAMAZ-4310 and KAMAZ-43114, while the deployment of which declined by almost 3 times.

Until the end of 2011 it is planned to put in more troops SOUTH 20 different digital mobile communications and controls, such as radio stations R-166-05 based on the tracked vehicle MTLBu, satellite station R-439 based on the BTR-80, radio relay station R-419 A by-wheelbase etc.

Overall in 2011, the park armored brigade control SOUTH updated by more than 40%.

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