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On July 23 I wrote that the U.S. switched roles with the Soviet Union and became a tyrant who inspires terror throughout the world.

Now we have further confirmation of this fact. It comes from two extraordinary actions of the puppet state of Washington — United Kingdom.

David Miranda, the Brazilian partner Glenn Greenwald, who wrote reports about the illegal and unconstitutional spying National Agency Stasi [In the original — National Stasi Agency, — approx. Trans. ], Was seized in the international transit area of the airport of London by the British puppet government, no doubt, at the behest of Washington. Miranda has not driven in the UK, but was captured by the British authorities. … dom-police-679 /. British puppet of Washington just kidnapped him, threatened him for nine hours, and stole his computer, phone and all electronic equipment. According to media dapper American official, "the goal was to send a message."

You may remember that Edward Snowden was stuck for several weeks in the international transit area of the airport in Moscow. Tyrant Obama repeatedly bullied Russian President Putin, so that he flagrantly violated the law and stole Snowden to transfer it to Obama. In contrast to the once proud and law-abiding British, Putin refused to put Washington's desire to be above the law and human rights.

The second case is of extraordinary violence took place almost at the same time that the British authorities raided the Guardian newspaper and illegally destroyed hard drives in computers editorial vain effort to prevent the newspaper to publish further revelations of high-level criminality Snowden U.S. UK.

In the U.S. and UK governments and their sycophants fashionable to speak of a "gangster state of Russia." But we all know who really are gangsters. The worst criminals of our time are the governments of the U.S. and the UK. Both governments are completely devoid of honesty, honor, compassion, humanity. Many of their members would be fine functionaries in Stalinist Russia or Nazi Germany.

This is outrageous. It marked the beginning of British freedom. However, in 1215 it was the feudal rights of freedom from the tyranny of kings, not the freedom of the common people. But once the principle has been established, it has spread to all of society. By 1680 the legal revolution was complete. The King and the government obey the law. The King and his government were no longer the law and above the law.

In the 13 British colonies that inhabited them, have inherited this achievement. When the government of King George refused colonies in the rights of Englishmen, the colonists rebelled, and the United States were born.

The descendants of these settlers now live in America, where the constitutional protection was thwarted by a tyrannical government, which has set itself above the law. This brute fact has not stopped the U.S. government or its puppets from further obfuscation of military aggression false slogans of "promoting freedom and democracy." If the government of Obama and Cameron were on the dock at Nuremberg, they would have been condemned in its entirety.

The question is whether there is in both countries a sufficient number of people are brainwashed, to support the myth that the U.S. UK that "freedom and democracy" is achieved through war crimes?

There is a sufficient number of brainwashed Americans who like it when they talk about their "importance" and "exclusivity", which give them the right to impose its will on the world. It is difficult to discern in these spineless Americans with little hope for the rebirth of freedom. However, there are some signs that the British, who did not inherit the freedom and fought for it for five centuries, may be more decisive.

The British Committee on Home Affairs, headed by Keith Vaz, has demanded an explanation from the lapdog Obama, I mean the Prime Minister of Great Britain. Also the British Ombudsman compliance of anti-terrorism legislation, David Anderson demanded that the UK Home Office and the police gave an explanation of the use of illegal anti-terrorist laws against Miranda, who is not a terrorist, and in no way linked to terrorism.

Brazilian prime minister joined the debate, demanding an explanation from London, why the UK had violated its own law and abuse of power against a citizen of Brazil.

Of course, everyone knows that Washington forced the British puppet to break the law in order to curry favor with the United States that. Interestingly, the British decide to ever that they should be a sovereign state?

The White House has denied involvement in the kidnapping of Miranda, but refuses to condemn the illegal actions of their puppets.

As for the elimination of freedom of press in the UK, the White House is also supported. It's already happening here.

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts

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