«Garibaldi» reclassified helicopter


Italian Navy reclassified light aircraft carrier Giuseppe Garibaldi in support of helicopter gunships. So Makar, commissioned only aircraft carrier remained Sonte di Cavour, built by Fincantieri in 2008 and is currently being staffed by fully non-long aircraft takeoff and vertical landing AV-8B Harrier (later F-35), also helicopters.
Giuseppe Garibaldi joined the fleet in 1985 and has a length of 180.2 m and a total displacement of 13,850 tons. Resettled with 2 SAM launchers Aspide, 3-40-mm twin gun mounts, launchers interference SCLAR, can carry 16 helicopters, including 12 Sea King in the hangar.
«Garibaldi» remains in service until 2020, when it will be replaced by a new force projection ship with a displacement of 20,000 tons and reinforced air group, also landing abilities (similar amphibious ships), which lacks the «Garibaldi». «The new role of the» Garibaldi «will make up for the reduction of the number of amphibious ships to enter the new units. This will allow to keep the fleet and amphibious forces demonstration force projection from the sea, «said Navy Italy.
As expected, one ship’s force projection of the last generation will be able to change the type of three amphibious ships San Giorgio, which were adopted by the fleet in the years 1988-94 and recently will be decommissioned.

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