Gas and solar heating is running near Astrakhan

A hybrid solar-powered heating plant near Astrakhan


The new hybrid heating station (TS), which combines a gas boiler with a set of solar panels, has earned 24 October in the Astrakhan region, starting to supply heat and hot water 12000th city Narimanov, the general director of LLC "Thermo-technology" (project developer) Anatoly Petrov.

The project amounted to 96 million rubles has no analogues in Russia over the area of the solar field: the first such structure built in the Krasnodar region, four times lower than in the size of Astrakhan. According to the regional Ministry of Housing, the hybrid system will reduce annual gas consumption of 6.4 million cubic meters or 18.6 million rubles.

Solar installation in the Astrakhan region is considered to be the largest in Russia: in an area of 2.4 million square meters, installed 1,200 collectors.

"The object can be divided into two parts. Boiler itself is a 30-MW power: 10 MW for the production of hot water and 20 — for heating. Second part of the subject — it geleoustanovka, powered by solar energy. This is liquid plant," solar collector " directly working on the production of hot water, and not on the production of electricity — there is another technology, "- said the head of the project.

According to him, while the heating plant heats water for the city in the traditional way — in a gas boiler, since not all the elements are mounted and held geleoustanovki not all of the required tests.

"The solar collectors are designed to operate from spring to autumn, a period of maximum solar activity. Now their efficiency is not as high and the heating season we launch a gas boiler. Parallel completed installation of collectors. Readiness is about 70%, we plan to finish all the work by December . and for the coldest months will test the system to be ready by March convert hot water to solar energy, "- said Petrov.

He noted that the city Narimanova constant hot water supply will be an unprecedented event, because for many years it functioned only boiler, supplies heat and hot water to the city and the city-forming industrial zone. With the end of the heating season, when the company ceased to use the boiler room, huge costs of public utilities were forced to stop work and turn off the hot water for the whole summer. The hybrid plant will not only uninterrupted supply water to the home, but also to reduce tariffs.

Arrived at the new facility Astrakhan Region Governor Alexander Zhilkin said in turn that if the project is the use of solar energy will confirm its effectiveness in practice, the regional government will consider financing the construction of several similar thermal plants.

"In the winter it will be difficult to assess the effectiveness, because solar activity is low. But since March, already we can see whether to start replicating this experience to other cities in the Astrakhan region. We review and Axhtubinsk and Kamyzyak, and compact settlements with multi-family housing: Assadulaevo , Evpraksino, Nachalovo and others. If everything is correct, we will in Narimanov, it will be the official start of the entire region, "- said the governor.


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