Gas KAMAZ were noted at the exhibition

"KAMAZ" took part in the exhibition of special products of machine-building enterprises and the military-industrial complex, which was held in Kazan in the first meeting of the Coordination Council for the industry.

"KAMAZ" presented to the visitors several exhibits. Among them — the cars with gas engines KAMAZ and gas equipment manufacturing company "RariTEK", the official partner of "KAMAZ".

Guests of the exhibition saw utility vehicle AROK on the gas-wheel drive chassis KAMAZ-43114-30, a vacuum machine KO-505AG on gas KAMAZ-65115-30, with rear dump garbage "Variopress 211/20" on the gas KAMAZ-65115-30 and commuter Bus NEFAZ-5299-11-31 in the gas KAMAZ-5297. Visitors have to look through car specifications, commended performance "KAMAZ" technology.

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