Gas NEFAZ for the needs of the citizens


In a growing number of Russian cities, whose leadership cares about the environmental safety of the citizens, there NEFAZ buses that run on natural gas. Recently, the number of completed the Ryazan and Kazan.

Equipped with the latest technology NEFAZ buses recently received Ryazan convoy 1310. It is noteworthy that they will be able to ride and people with disabilities. New vehicles meet environmental standards "Euro-4" is used as a fuel methane and equipped with GLONASS. Buses purchased under the program of co-financing from the federal and municipal budgets.

The first gas-cylinder NEFAZ out the route and Kazan. Its advantages are appreciated passengers route number 63. Bus comforts and equipped with clean engine, "Euro-4". In the flow of city transport capital of Tatarstan white NEFAZ easily recognized by the lettering on the roof — "Savings. Methane. Ecology ".

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