GAZ Group confirmed the leadership in the Russian bus market

At the end of 2012, "GAZ Group" has maintained a leading position in the Russian bus market with a share of 64%. Exports to the CIS and abroad has grown by 12% due to the implementation of the buses of all classes of contracts in Nicaragua, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Belarus and other sales of buses increased by 5% compared to 2011 to 13.9 thousand units of equipment .

  • PAZ "Vector" long-distance performance
  • PAZ "Vector" long-distance performance

In the past year, "GAZ Group" continued to work on the development of buses running on alternative fuels (diesel, gas, electricity), including buses with hybrid power plants and electrobuses. Now the company produces standard whole range LIAZ gas-fired, gas-developed modifications of the middle class buses PAZ-320412-4238 and KAVZ "Aurora".The volume of sales Likinsky bus plant amounted to 1.88 million units. The most important supply contracts were 660 LIAZ-5292-6213 LiAZ and environmental standards "Euro-5» EEV («Euro 5 +") to Moscow, 108 LIAZ-5293 in Sochi, 50 gas LIAZ-5292 EEV to Chelyabinsk. In 2012, the plant together with "Mobel" developed Electrobus LiAZ-6274, is now the bus passes the certification test.

Pavlovsky Bus Plant shipped to consumers 11.3 thousand buses of small and middle class, which is 14% more than in 2011. The main growth driver was the delivery of a new family of 800 buses PAZ-3204 in St. Petersburg and the region to private and municipal passenger carriers, as well as the implementation of school buses PAZ-32053-70 under the program "School Bus" on the territory of the Russian Federation and the CIS (Abkhazia and Ukraine). Developed in the 2012 modification of the gas PAZ-320412 has received approval of the vehicle type. The share of families buses PAZ-3204 in terms of production companies in 2012 was 20%.

Kurgan Bus Plant made in the past year, more than 700 buses, which corresponds to the production plan established under the Agreement on Social and Economic Partnership in 2012 between "GAZ Group" and the Government of Kurgan region. In 2012, the plant in the commercial kontraktazavershil shipment of 169 buses in the Nicaraguan Republic: only 550 buses operate Managua KAVZ, representing 40% of the public transport fleet Nicaragua. Today, the plant develops a new modification KAVZ-4238 "Aurora" that runs on compressed natural gas is methane.

The main objective of the Golitsyn bus factory in 2012 was a technical re-equipment of production site for the release of the new lineup. The new product range of companies represented COACHES extra large class GOLAZ-6228.10 and a large class of GOLAZ-5251 "Voyage", as well as a tourist bus GOLAZ-5291 "Cruise". Designed and prepared for serial production range of buses to transport service GOLAZ Olympic Games in Sochi in 2014. In 2012, the company sold 81 bus.

In 2012 PAZ "Vector", LiAZ-5292-6213 and LiAZ Electrobus LiAZ-6274 became "The best coaches of the year" according to the expert jury and online voting at the exhibition "MAF-2012".

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