GAZ Group has modernized production and product range Golitsyn bus plant

Golitsynsky Bus Plant (GolAZ) "GAZ Group" concluded the modernization of the production site in the renovation of the lineup of products. Since the beginning of 2012, investments in the modernization and development of new products GOLAZ amounted to about 260 million rubles. The new product range of companies represented by coaches extra large class GOLAZ-6228.10 and a large class of GOLAZ-5251 "Voyage", as well as a tourist bus GOLAZ-5291 "Cruise" on the new aggregate base.

The modernization GOLAZ upgraded equipment fleet companies: purchased new welding and painting equipment, new tools and equipment, organized zone priming and alignment of the body shell. To strengthen oversight of consumer properties of products on the Golitsyn bus factory established areas of quality control and pre-training on standards of Scania.

New equipment GOLAZ will be used in the production of advanced models of enterprise, the development of which is this year, and the beginning of mass production is scheduled for 2013. The plant focuses on the production of developed products this year, moving the production of long-distance buses GOLAZ lyase-5256 at Likinskiy Bus Plant "GAZ Group".

Until the end, the company will complete restyling of a tourist bus GOLAZ-52911 "Cruise": bus chassis will be manufactured at Scania, the machine is equipped with engine capacity of 400 hp environmental standard "Euro-5", robotized gearbox Opticruse, new front and rear masks, optics Hella. Buses GOLAZ "Voyage" and GOLAZ-6228.10 will be released on the upgraded chassis with disc brakes and stability control (ESP) and a robotic box Opticruse. Salons buses GOLAZ "Voyage" and GOLAZ-6228.10 designed to allow the installation of equipment for people with disabilities: the lift cassette-type, double doors in the middle of the bus and sites with special attachments for wheelchairs. Interior whole lineup GOLAZ buses will also be upgraded.

After modernization of the production site "GOLAZ" and optimizing production flows throughout the manufacturing process can increase the average monthly production of buses from 10 to 60 units in two shifts.

In 2012, more than 50 buses GOLAZ-5251 "Voyage" have bought private and municipal transport enterprises of St. Petersburg, Samara, Murmansk, Moscow, Tula and the other, 13 buses GOLAZ-5291 "Cruise" transferred units of "Gazprom".

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