GAZ Group has started mass production of buses with engine JAMZ-530 Euro-4

"GAZ Group" has started mass production of PAZ and LiAZ with a new family of engines JAMZ-530 environmental standards "Euro-4". The use of engine JAMZ-530 provides high efficiency operation PAZ and LiAZ.

Shestitsilindrovyedvigateli JAMZ-536 "Euro-4" with a power range of 240-312 hp Fits on models LiAZ 5256, including urban, suburban and long-distance version, as well as LiAZ-5293. Pavlovsky Bus Factory establishes four-cylinder engines JAMZ-534 "Euro-4" in the power range of 150-170 hp families on buses PAZ-3205 and ESD-3204.

Work on the binding of a new family of engines JAMZ-530 environmental standards "Euro-4" to the range of PAZ and lyase Division "Buses", "GAZ Group" began in 2010 in conjunction with the Yaroslavl Motor Plant "Autodiesel." In 2011, we made prototypes of large buses LiAZ 5256 with the engine JAMZ-536 and a small bus PAZ-3205 with the engine JAMZ-534, which, in the Factory tested successfully completed by 100 kilometers. Late last year, the certification tests were conducted at the site and get the approval of the vehicle type. In 2012 LiAZ and PAZ formulated a design and technical documentation, conducted pre-production.

Installation on a bus engines of JAMZ-530 will ensure consumers a significant resource use buses, low fuel consumption, mileage mezhservisny to 50 thousand km, as well as additional comfort in the cabin of the bus due to the low level of engine noise (less than 92 dBA). For operators and service organizations have developed a unique system of interactive repair, service and maintenance documentation on the engine JAMZ-530 family based on 3D-animation, which provides access to technical content in a mode online. To service engine JAMZ-530 ready 97 centers service network division "Powertrain", "GAZ Group" in 44 regions of Russia.


JAMZ-530-new family of mid-line four-and six-cylinder diesel engines from 120 to 320 hp standard "Euro-4" with the potential to provide a "Euro-5" and "Euro 6". The engines are developed by designers Yaroslavl Motor Plant "Autodiesel" "GAZ Group" with the support of the world leader in the field of engineering Transport Engineering AVL List (Austria). In JAMZ-530 engines used advanced design solutions for layout, management and operation of major systems.

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