GAZ Group has won a contract to supply 183 buses in St. — Petersburg

As part of a three-year regional program of renewal of the public transport in Saint — Petersburg "GAZ Group" will supply 183 buses LiAZ-5292 through the official dealer of "PiterBasTsentr." Buses will be transferred to the State Unitary Enterprise "Passagiravtotrans." The total contract value of more than 1.4 billion rubles.

Low-floor buses are a large class of LiAZ-5292, is designed to carry 102 passengers, made in a special configuration, which used: special paint finishes and layout — is equipped with a personal input to the driver at the front door for the driver is equipped with air conditioning, fitted seat in the bus conductor. The bus is equipped with engine JAMZ 536 ecological standard Euro-4, bridges and automatic transmission ZF.

In accordance with the wish of the client machines are equipped with GLONASS system, electronic marshrutoukazatelyami with an answerphone, a digital tachograph. Buses are equipped with ramps, a special place for people with disabilities — wheelchair and call buttons driver.

Buses will be shipped to the customer equal lots for three years. Until the end of the year, the company will deliver 83 LiAZ 5292 in St. — Petersburg.

Warranty and service will be based on the official dealer of "PiterBasTsentr."

Saint — Petersburg is the second city, which buys large quantities of low-floor vehicles. With the 2008-2012 period. 657 units were delivered. LIAZ, of which 556 — Low-floor buses LiAZ 5293, LiAZ-5292-6213 LiAZ. The share LIAZ in the park of St. — Petersburg is 60%. The company is also actively engaged with private passenger carriers, which in the course of 2012, the company has delivered more than 800 buses PAZ-3204 family.

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