GAZ Group in 2012, will increase the production of buses


"GAZ Group" on the basis of 2012 plans to produce and implement a 13.5 — 14 000 buses, said the director of "Buses", "GAZ Group" Nikolay Odintsov. Recall that last year the company sold 13,198 buses, of which 11,607 vehicles — in the domestic market. According N.Odintsova, today all the bus companies "GAZ Group" secured orders, helped not only federal program to upgrade the fleet, but also a set of measures to stimulate commercial sales (leasing, dealer network development, etc.).


As the agency "AUTOSTAT" Director of Communications "Russian Buses — GAZ Group" Ella Voronin, five months of 2012, bus company "GAZ Group" implemented a 4619 bus, which, according to her, some higher than a year ago. The largest volume of sales in the portfolio division "Buses", "GAZ Group" falls at the Pavlovsk Bus Plant — In January-May 3690 were delivered to customers PAZ. In this case, the redesigned bus middle class "Vector" today is already about 30% of the total production of the model PAZ-3204, Voronin said Ella. Likinskiy bus factory for five months in 2012 sold 711 buses, Kurgan Bus Plant — 188 cars, Golitsin Bus Factory — 30 coaches. "The big city today is almost completely transferred to the low-floor vehicles — says Ella Voronin. — Also, there is growing demand for buses running on natural gas with high environmental standards. " 

According to Nikolay Odintsov’s investment division, "Buses", "GAZ Group" in 2012 will be 3% of the revenue. According to him, the investment will be in three main areas: preparation for the production of buses environmental standard "Euro-5" and the engines CNG, the development of a new generation of coaches GOLAZ-5251 "Voyage" on the chassis of Scania, which will be used for the 2014 Games in Sochi, as well as research and development.

It remains to add that opened today in Nizhny Novgorod International bus cabin «Busworls Russia — 2012" "GAZ Group" presented Electrobus LiAZ-6274 (in 2013, the company intends to file a technical request for its mass production), low-floor LiAZ-6213 environmental standard " Euro 5, "PAZ" Vector "in the urban and interurban versions, as well as GOLAZ-5251" Voyage "on the chassis of Scania.

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