GAZ Group launched assembly of trucks in Belarus

"GAZ Group" began to collect medium-duty trucks in Belarus, where the brand is represented by "BelGAZautoservice." For the Belarusian local distributor of the "gas" is primarily a way to increase sales. 

Belarusian market is recovering rapidly after the crisis of 2011. "We predict that sales will increase by GAZ in 2012 by 85% — up to 2500 cars and thus reached the pre-crisis level in 2010," — said the head of the press service of the company Natalia Anisimova. According to her, the organization of their production in Belarus — is, first of all, the reduction of logistics costs. "In addition, the assembly facility provides high flexibility and speed of deliveries to Belarusian counterparts," — she said.

As a result of the agreement "GAZ Group" and "BelGAZautoservice" in October, organized by areas of the service center in the industrial area of GAS Kolyadichi (southern suburb of Minsk) SKD assembly of medium-duty trucks GAZ-3307 (with a carbureted engine ZMZ-511 Euro-3) and GAZ-3309 (with a diesel engine MMZ E-245.7-3 Euro 3). Until the end of November there will begin assembling the model GAZ-33104 "Valdai"., Which will be equipped with the engine of the Minsk Motor Plant (MMZ 245.7-E-3). The project was officially launched on October 22.

In Kolyadichi of Russia receives chassis on wheels — no engine, gearbox, driveline and front shock absorbers. Separately supplied 179 items of various components. The production is localized to a certain extent: all models are established joint shafts and front shock absorbers factory production Grodno "Belkard." And on the GAZ-3309 — fully diesel engines Minsk Motor Plant. In the future, the use of Belarusian components will be expanded — to the extent that, as Belarusian plants will develop the production of the relevant products.

The question of further expanding the range of the "gas", collected in Belarus, while not being considered. Today the capacity of the company to Kolyadichi allow you to collect up to 60 cars a month, but this figure is growing. Until the end of this year, "BelGAZautoservice" plans to produce about 300 cars — all of them will be delivered to the local market. As long as the price is similar to the selling price of "GAZ Group", but it will reduce with increasing the degree of localization of production.

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