GAZ Group launched GolAZ buses for the Olympic Games in Sochi

Until the end of this year, "GAZ Group" will supply 709 buses GolAZ large and extra large class transport service guests and athletes of the XXII Olympic Winter Games and XI Paralympic Winter Games in Sochi in 2014.

Total cost of equipment exceeds 6 billion rubles. Buses will serve long-haul routes between the Olympic venues.


Contracts for the supply of buses are enclosed between "Russian Buses — GAZ Group", the supplier of the 2014 Games, and the State Unitary Enterprise "Mostransavto", the main transport operator Olympics. As part of the contracts put 282 large buses GolAZ-5251 "Voyage" (including 150 cars in a special version for passengers with reduced mobility and wheelchair users), 370 buses extra large class GolAZ-6228 (including 77 cars in special version), 57 coaches GolAZ-52911 "Cruise".

Modifications to the chassis GolAZ buses Scania has developed "GAZ Group" specifically for the Olympics together with "Scania Russia", which is also the supplier of the 2014 Games Sochi.Avtobusy GolAZ make on a Scania chassis environmental standards Euro 4 and Euro-5 with a robotic gearbox Scania Opticruse in a special configuration. Applicable exchange rate stability (ESP) and cruise control can maintain stability and control of the bus, to regulate the set speed when driving a bus for long distances in a variety of modes. Buses be equipped with GLONASS navigators, electronic passenger information equipment (answering machine) in Russian and English languages, as well as Wi-Fi. In the driver’s and inside the bus will be installed video review salon and route video camera to transmit data to the remote control center.

Beauty GolAZ-5251 "Voyage" is designed for 60 people, including 53 seats, GolAZ-6228 — 95 people (including 63 seats), GolAZ-52911 "Cruise" — for 45 people. In the salons set the climate control system, comfort seats with folding table, luggage racks with individual service units. Buses for passengers with reduced mobility and wheelchair users, equipped with lifts cassette tipa.S February to July 2012 were operational testing of new cars on the Sochi Olympic routes. In 2012-2013. GolAZ buses involved in the service test events at Olympic venues in Sochi.


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