GAZ Group opens the first in the Russian department Production Systems in Mechanical Engineering

"GAZ Group" opens in Nizhny Novgorod Technical University named Rostislav Alexeyev, Russia’s first department of "production system in the engineering industry." A corresponding agreement between the university and the largest in the Russian automotive holding company was signed on 24 November.

HR director of "GAZ Group" Tatiana Lapaeva and Rector of the NSTU Sergey Dmitriev

Chief Specialist of truck production Gorky Automobile Sergei Sizov

As the rector of the Technical University of journalists Sergey Dmitriev, a new department will start work in February 2012, and is now being formed and approved by the teaching staff of the curriculum.

Base department is located in the production area of the Gorky Automobile Plant. The first academic group of 25 students as part of the curriculum for 1-2 days a week training will be held here. On the 3rd year students as potential employees of the company will be held practical training in workshops and other divisions of enterprises "GAZ Group". This will keep the target training to the specific needs of industrial enterprises. "With this training system, as close to the production activities at the university graduates will leave less time to adapt when applying for a job", — The Rector of the university.

The new department was headed by Director of Development of the production system "GAZ Group" Alexander Moiseev, who has spearheaded the introduction in 2003 at the company’s system of "lean production". He told Itar-Tass that the built in Nizhny Novgorod base department "GAZ Group" — as long as the first specialized departments of the company. As part of the strengthening of cooperation with educational institutions and training of highly qualified specialists for the engineering industry during the 2011-2012 academic year, the department will be set up similar in Yaroslavl at a local technical college and the Urals, on the basis of automobile "UralAZ." "The company needs specialists who have not only a high level of education, but also the production of a new culture based on respect for lean manufacturing and product", — Said Moses.

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