GAZ Group presented at MIAS-2012 New Gazelle (updated)

On opening tomorrow to press Moscow Motor Show will not only premiere in the genre of machines and vsedorozhnikov legs. GAZ will show visitors the perspective "Gazelle-Next». The new generation of commercial trucks and vans must get back on the conveyor in the next year.

It is known that the cars will become bigger current "Gazelle", and the list of equipment will include air conditioning and airbags. And most important design innovations — independent front suspension, even for on-board the Gazelle.



300 copies of the new items will collect in 2012, "the most loyal customers of" winning the dubious honor of being a beta tester machine. In their reviews GAZ will make changes to the production model. The estimated cost of the "Gazelle-Next» in 2013 will amount to 650 000 to 750 000 rubles. Apparently, the model will be produced in parallel with the current generation, which will be allocated the role of a more affordable alternative.

The changes will affect not only the line of vehicles Gazelle, but Sable cars



At MIAS-2012 GAS showed three models of the new family: flatbed vehicle gross weight 3.5 tons with an aluminum platform, a 19-seat minibus and a car prototype "Sobol NEXT» (gross weight 2.8 tons). In the future lineup of new family unite GVW from 2.8 tons to 5 tons consumer choices will present various types of bodies: a model with standard side and two-row cabin with two types of platforms, metal vans at 3 and 7 seats, buses and More than 100 modifications of machinery

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