GAZ Group presented the car Sable BUSINESS with four-wheel drive

In the framework of the 2nd International specialized exhibition-road vehicles of "rover 2013" "GAZ Group" was first introduced car "Sable BUSINESS" with the new scheme wheel drive.

Distinctive features of the new transmission has all wheel drive, cardan shaft with constant velocity joints (CV joints), lockable rear differential ELocker.

The new design wheel drive improves occupant comfort, reduce fuel consumption, reduce noise and vibration in the cabin, as well as improve the reliability and service life of transmission components. A reduction gear and differential lock rear axle ELockerproizvodstva American company Eatonobespechivayut increase permeability in severe off-road conditions.

Presented at a car show is a pre-sample. Start of series production "Gazelle of Business" and "Sable BUSINESS" with the new transmission is scheduled for spring-summer 2013. The machines will be produced in parallel with the existing models of light commercial vehicles GAZ with permanent all-wheel drive.

Along with upgraded "Sable" "GAZ Group" is exhibiting another two cars: six-wheel-drive "Hunter" based on "Sable 4×4" (GAZ-27527) and the motorhome on a modular chassis "Gazelle of Business" (GAZ-3302).

Six-wheel-drive "Hunter" based on "Sable 4×4" GAZovskoy made by the classical scheme: permanent all-wheel drive, locking center differential, low range. The car is designed to travel on nature, hunting or relaxing and well-equipped for the transport of persons and Wildlife Service, a safe for weapons and ammunition, spotlights, a tank for drinking water and hospital radio station. Placed on the roof rack. "Hunter" is the best choice in terms of terrain, and unpretentiousness of the cabin.

Motorhome on a modular chassis "Gazelle BUSINESS" has a rear-wheel drive and is designed for travelers and tourists. With a compact size of deckhouse (4600h2700h2200 mm) car provides a comfortable environment for travel and stay of four people. The machine is equipped with beds and places for work and leisure, electrical supply system, refrigerator, gas stove, toilet, shower facilities. For cold weather provides for a system of air-gas heating.

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