GAZ Group referred to the trial operation of a new model of the minibus to transport children

"GAZ Group" referred to the trial operation of public institutions Kaluga region "School Bus" on the basis of the new vehicle "Gazelle BUSINESS." Distinctive features of the van — high roof, swing door, a wide range of options to ensure the comfort and safety of school children.

The keys to a new car Director of SI "School Bus" Michael Obnovlenskomu handed Director Sales and Marketing Division, "Light commercial and passenger cars", "GAZ Group" Oleg Markov, summing up the results of the contest "The Best School Bus Driver — 2012", which was held in Kaluga area.

Minibus up to 13 seats: 11 children and 2 for accompanying persons. The roof height of 190 cm can comfortably move about the cabin for both adults and older students. Step down the side door (250 mm) ensures easy entry and exit. To organize backpacks and briefcases designed special luggage rack at the rear of the bus also has a compartment for luggage.

Special children’s windows, anatomical seats, heating and mechanical ventilation will make the journey comfortable for the passengers. Speed limiter (60 km / h), lock the movement with the door open, signaling a backing and 3-point seat belts on all seats provide a high level of security.

The driver can control the situation in the cabin via a spherical mirror and a surveillance camera outside the front door. Alarm button to communicate with the driver mounted in each row of seats.

"The most commendable thoroughness with which the gas went up to ensure the comfort and safety of the transport of school children — said the director of the State" school bus "Michael Obnovlensky. — Today, minibuses "Gazelle" make up more than a third of our park. This reliable, easy to use and inexpensive cars that have fully satisfied. "

"Experience State" school bus "Kaluga region — is an example of an integrated approach to ensure the stable operation of the fleet, — says Director of Sales and Marketing Division" Light commercial and passenger cars "," GAZ Group "Oleg Markov. — Regular maintenance of machines, continuous training of drivers, quality control of roads on the routes allow the company has for many years of safe and trouble-free transport of schoolchildren. "



GAZ "GAZ Group" started production of school buses on the car "Gazelle" in 2007. In 2010, serial production was started on the basis of their production of the modified model of "Gazelle BUSINESS." In 2011 began production of minivans with a new diesel engine Cummins. All school buses have GAZ vehicle type approval and certified for the carriage of school children. Total since 2008, sold more than 5,000 school buses GAZ. 

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