GAZ Group set LiAZ low-floor buses to service the Olympic Winter Games in Sochi

  • LiAZ-5292.30
  • LiAZ-5292.30

"GAZ Group" Supplier of the Sochi 2014 Games in category "Buses", will deliver 30 buses LiAZ-5292.30. Produced specifically for the Olympics with the most advanced technology buses will be involved in the transport services of the XXII Olympic and XI Paralympic Winter Games. The new model has successfully passed the tests conducted by the Transport Directorate of the Olympic Games on the road to Olympic venues. In addition LIAZ "GAZ Group" to the beginning of the Olympics will put 709 buses GOLAZ worth more than 6 billion rubles.

The first 30-LIAZ 5292.30 arrived at the bus depot Sochi, where technology is taking over the leadership of the St. Petersburg State Unitary Enterprise "Passagiravtotrans" (the customer and the transport operator in the Olympic Winter Games in Sochi). One of the buses, selected at random, test passed the test of pre-planned route, which included the most difficult parts of the coastal roads and mountain cluster in Sochi. Modern aggregate base coach performed well on a difficult route as the passage of serpentine rock, and when cornering on narrow roads.

A large class of low-floor bus LiAZ-5292.30 is designed for urban transport with high traffic. Low floor level and absence of steps provide a high speed passenger traffic and shorten the route of 15%. The car is equipped with engine capacity of 275 hp Scania with environmental standards "Euro-4". High torque (1283 Nm at 1200 rpm-1) Provides the reliability of the machine in the mountainous terrain. The design solution allowed the body to increase the seating capacity of up to 112 people, yavlyaetsyaluchshim index in the class of large buses.

Additional requirement for urban passenger transport during the Olympics — the presence of the "speaking city." This system will allow visually impaired and devoid of people on city bus stops through special headphones to get information about which route is moving bus approached and opened its doors for a landing. The bus is also equipped with GLONASS equipment. Inside, in addition installed smoke detectors, surveillance cameras. The cab driver is a panic button, which provides emergency communications with the control tower. The bus has three seats for passengers with reduced mobility. Mechanical telescopic lip and tilting the bus (up to 7 ° towards the door) can withstand the minimum pitch for even getting on the bus at the bus stops are not equipped with ramps for wheelchair access.

Production of the new generation of buses in the general flow of the conveyor assembly Likinsky bus factory was made possible thanks to the modernization of the production site, the investment in the development of which exceeded 120 million rubles.

After the Olympics, buses LiAZ-5292.30 will work with transport operators Olympics SUE "Passagiravtotrans" on service routes in St. Petersburg.

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