GAZ Group started selling Business Gazelle with the engine Euro-4

In the original dealer network GAZ began selling new versions of cars "Gazelle BUSINESS" with Bi-fuel gas-petrol engines UMP-421647: minibuses (GAZ-3221), metal vans (GAZ-2705) and on-board vehicles with two-row cabin (GAZ-33023).

As the press service of the company, Bi-fuel engines can reduce fuel costs by 40%, and improve the environmental performance of vehicles.

GAZ "GAZ Group" began series production of LPG equipment (HBO) for automobiles in 2010 was the first among Russian manufacturers. Initially, the Bi-fuel version of the proposed modifications onboard vehicle "Gazelle" (GAZ-3302) and the chassis. Now available to consumers a complete line of vehicles "Gazelle BUSINESS" with gas-petrol engines. All new versions comply with environmental standards "Euro-4".

A distinctive feature of the new modifications of the vehicle "Gazelle BUSINESS" — the presence of a single engine control unit with the mass air flow sensor. As compared with separate control of gasoline and gas single unit provides smooth switching from one fuel to another, and also maintains an optimum ratio of air and combustible gas mixture. Application of the new ECU can improve overall system reliability and improve the environmental performance of the car and fuel.

Long-board modification of "Gazelle" is now equipped with gas cylinders increased capacity — 120 liters, the standard on-board modification — cylinder capacity of 100 liters., Vans and minivans — two tanks with total capacity of 88 liters. These vehicles will be useful to entrepreneurs who carry pvc profiles and other big-ticket items.

Particular attention in the development of new modifications has been given placement of gas cylinders on vans and minibuses. They are arranged in such a way as to reduce the clearance or exit angles, and therefore — not to degrade the cross car.

Partnership "GAZ Group" with the leading manufacturers of compressed gas systems — Italy’s OMVL and Russian NPP "ITELMA" and fully tested prior to the launch of new versions into production, to ensure the maximum reliability of the equipment and the optimum calibration of the engine. All system components are certified to the requirements of Regulation 67 (01) and approved for use in the EU.

In contrast to install third-party companies HBO factory installation of gas equipment ensures that the full warranty on the car and allows the buyer to avoid problems when setting the machine to register. The cost of options ranges from 26 to 30 thousand rubles. Until the end of the year in all dealerships GAS a special offer: the purchase of an all-metal van or minibus "Gazelle BUSINESS", equipped with a gas-cylinder petrol engine, the customer will receive a discount 30 thousand rubles.

"GAZ Group" — the largest automotive holding Russia. Produces light and medium commercial vehicles, heavy trucks, buses, passenger cars, powertrains and automotive components.

Is the market leader in commercial vehicles in Russia, ranking in 2011 about 50% in the segment of light commercial vehicles, 58% in the medium duty segment, 42% in the segment of heavy trucks, about 65% in the segment of buses.

Sales of "GAZ Group" in 2011 — 132.4 billion rubles., EBITDA — 14 billion rubles., Net profit — 8.5 billion rubles.

The main shareholder — the machine-building holding "Russian Machines", part of a business group "Basic Element". The headquarters is located in Nizhny Novgorod.

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