GAZ Group strengthens its position in the Russian market of automotive components


In 2011, the revenue of automotive components business "GAZ Group" exceeded 21.7 billion rubles, or more than 30% higher than in 2010.

In the past year, "GAZ Group" strengthened its position in all key segments of the Russian auto component market by bringing to market a range of new products, as well as increased cooperation with partners outside the automotive industry.

In 2011 GAZ launched a unique technology for the domestic market prototyping vehicles QuintusFlex-Form and sign an agreement on the establishment of joint ventures with leading international manufacturers of automotive components: a Belgian company Bosalpo production of exhaust systems and with the Swedish Bultenpo release fasteners. The joint ventures will start work in 2012.

In addition, last year, significantly refreshed range of automotive components, production of which has been mastered for a complete set of new products, "GAZ Group". So, as part of the expansion projects range of vehicles GAZ (cars "Gazelle", "Sobol2 and GAZ-3309 with engine Cummins, gazobalonnogo vehicle" Gazelle ") in 2011, began production of a range of new products: the rear suspension for the car" Gazelle BUSINESS "of parts and components for medium-duty trucks GAZ-3309, engine mounting brackets, exhaust system pipes, fittings and couplings for control of the vehicle, etc.

Also in 2011, launched a project to deliver products worldwide manufacturers of automotive components, which are localized in Russian. In particular, the expanded product line, produced for the Knorr-Bremse (manufacturer of brake systems and engine components for commercial vehicles) sales of products in this area has increased in 2011 by more than 3.5 times.

As for the plans division "Automotive components" "GAZ Group" in 2012, one of the priority projects will be the release of a fundamentally new vehicle suspension module GAZ. Within the organization of the production of promising vehicle "Gazelle-Next" Division will update the technological capacity for machining racks, steering knuckle and brake discs, which will give a much higher accuracy rates and quality compared to existing technologies. Also, for the release of the suspension "Gazelle-Next" will be the most modern technology of welding subframe and arms, as well as coloring components.

In 2012, the Division’s "Automotive components" "GAZ Group" also intends to update the blacksmithing and iron-casting equipment, as well as to introduce the unique Russian technology for the production of parts of railway wagons of bainitic cast iron.

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