GAZ Group to supply 250 buses to Nicaragua

"GAZ Group" will supply 250 buses made Kurgan Bus Plant, the Government of Nicaragua on the program of technical assistance in the framework of strategic cooperation between Russia and the countries of Latin America. Buses KAvZ-4238 are designed to update the fleet of the country.

The first buses KAvZ go to the Republic of Nicaragua in the first quarter of 2011. This is the second delivery of buses KAvZ in Nicaragua in May last year, 130 buses KAvZ-4235 went on public routes Managua and its suburbs.

By order of Nicaraguan carriers in the design of buses have been some changes due to the peculiarities of operating in mountainous regions with humid tropical climate: increased pane side windows, tinted glass, set suitable for use in tropical climates tires, vandal-proof seats, uses a special air intake system with roof.

To adapt to the operation of buses in Nicaragua bus KAvZ-4238 in the tropical version has been tested in southern Russia in terms of climate and mountainous terrain of the Caucasus, close to the conditions of Nicaragua.

KAvZ-4238 — is extended modification bus KAvZ-4235 is designed to run on suburban lines on the shoulder of 500 km. Bus middle class for long-distance and commuter traffic in the tropical climate. By extending the base of 1.24 m achieved an increase in total passenger capacity to 38 seats. This model is equipped with a diesel engine Cummins, manual transmission ZF, bridges KAAZ. Advantages: high level of comfort for the driver and passengers, simplicity and ease of operation and maintenance

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