GAZ Group will deliver buses in Nicaragua

"GAZ Group to supply 169 buses of the middle class KAVZ-4238" Aurora "in Nicaragua for the development of passenger traffic of the capital of the Republic. Buses are designed to work on the streets of the capital of Nicaragua, as for the transport of passengers on commuter and intercity routes.


The first batch of 30 buses will be sent to Nicaragua in October 2011. The remaining buses will be shipped in the first half of 2012.

As part of the Nicaraguan order Kurgan Bus Plant "GAZ Group" made in the design of buses number of changes to improve the performance of machines for working in rough terrain with a humid tropical climate. In particular, the machines increased the area of the side vents, floors and steps are finished with embossed aluminum, in the salons installed tinted side windows, vandal-proof seats with soft inserts on the back and seat cushion, special air intake system from the roof, as the buses used tires are best adapted for use in a tropical climate.

The shipment is not the first collaboration "GAZ Group" with the Nicaraguan partners. Over the past three years, the company has put in Nicaragua 380 buses made Kurgan Bus Plant in the free technical assistance to the Government of the Russian Federation, the Republic of Nicaragua to upgrade the passenger car fleet of the capital. Today buses KAVZ "Aurora" make up 40% of public transport fleet of Managua, which are working in an integrated service system of buses KAVZ in full accordance with the needs of passengers.

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