GAZ Group will deliver to Cuba loaders for $ 10 million

"GAZ Group" will deliver before the end of 2011 90 wheel loaders production plant "Chelyabinsk Construction and Road Machines" (CRBM) under an agreement signed between the Government of the Russian Federation and the Government of the Republic of Cuba on the supply of the domestic construction and agricultural equipment. The total cost of procuring trucks Cuba is 10 million dollars.


All equipment under the contract will be delivered Cuban partners to mid-December. The machines will be used for the loading of various materials, excavation, grading grounds, sand, gravel and other materials over short distances, and to perform road construction, assembly and rigging.

For the execution of the contract in the construction of the Cuban Loader ChSDM experts made a number of technical changes that are needed to operate the equipment in a humid tropical climate. In particular, the unified cab truck 160 meters with a panoramic glass front is equipped with a directional control valve with joystick control and air conditioning. The vehicles are reversed bonnet system and access control system, developed new frame, installed new component products (axles ZL-60, hydromechanical transmission 4WG-180), revised kinematics equipment (bucket improved occupancy, increased angles and tilting his discharge, reduced weight arrows).

As the Director of Sales Division "Trucks" "GAZ Group" Maxim Krikota, this contract — the first collaboration with Cuban partners. But he expressed confidence that the development of new markets will lead the enterprise "GAZ Group" to a new level of quality and profitability.

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