GAZ presented at the exhibition in Nizhniy Tagil, Ural-5390 four-wheel drive


Automobile plant "Ural", "GAZ Group" is at the 7 th International exhibition of means of defense and security, "Defense and Protection 2012" promising three-axis side vehicle "Ural-5390".

This is the premiere of a new car.

On defense exhibition car plant "Ural" for the first time exhibits a promising side cabover car "Ural-5390" 6×6, intended for use on all types of roads at an ambient temperature of minus 45 to plus 40 degrees. Dimensions and weight characteristics provide high load capacity and efficiency of duty chassis (up to 16.5 m) by optimizing the curb weight and gross vehicle weight of conformity (25, 5 t) acting on the roads with the limits for the maximum permissible load on the axle. Traction and dynamic properties and parameters of the terrain allows efficient use of off-road vehicle.

The design of the car parts used by leading foreign manufacturers: ZF, Raba, Donaldson, RBL and others. SUV is equipped with 6-cylinder engine JAMZ-536 power 312 hp responsible promising environmental requirements of the 4th environmental class. The car is equipped with multifunctional devices Continental system with LCD display for displaying information about the state of the systems.

At the booth of "Ural" is also represented by a triaxial car "Ural-4320-0611-31" (6×6), fire vehicle AC-3.0-40 on the chassis of the car, "Ural-43206 ‘(wheel formula 4×4)," Ural-43206’ ( wheel formula 4×4), "Ural-4320" (6×6), "Ural-5323" (8×8) and forward-looking SUV "Ural-6370" with the engine JAMZ-652, first presented in the onboard performance.

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