Gazelle-Next»: undercover operation


 One of the big premier of the Moscow Motor Show — "Gazelle Next". The author not only meticulously looked at it from all sides, but also the first among the journalists managed to test it on the road. 

 Going to the bottom, almost no doubt: the car with stained and sealed with a deer on the grid — not only as perelitsovanny "Mercedes-Benz", "Volkswagen", or at least familiar "Gazelle" with the cabin of the recognized leaders. But once buried his nose in the car and looked in the corners of the design, ashamed of his mistrust of the designers. Standing before me was a really new, it gazovsky machine.
What shines next bestseller of the Russian market of commercial vehicles — design, engine, suspension, body styles? True, but first of all the driver’s cab! Concept of the new cars have started to create it with the wishes of the workers. They, like all the comfort, space, sensitive, non-tiring handling, vigorous dynamics of loaded cars and the "sumptuous throne."

The panel is light, durable, comfortable with a bunch of tanks. Our invention — two niches under polutoralitrovye bottle. Two airbags and seat belt pretensioners.

Ordered the driver’s seat, as it is now on gas, the manufacturer of world renown. The German company ISRI, which manufactures products for the "Mercedes", cooked well contoured ergonomic seat with all the regulations, armrest and lumbar support. The plus to it adjustable steering wheel tilt and telescopic. Another transplant driver away from the door, raised the roof, increased glass area, significantly improving visibility. Comfortably positioned on the body of the driver seat and backrest. Now all this is not worse than the conventional cars.

The seat is reasonably firm and comfortable, with excellent ergonomics. Adjustment in all directions. Landing changed — passenger, a rate even ordinary motorist.

Cabin built more: the axis of the front wheels with the left arches forward by as much as 240 mm. Rang cab and wide (especially at the top), and upwards. Now, in the frontal projection of the rectangular enclosure. All of the people. That’s where so much space in the inhabitants of a new car.
The vertical wall of the cab not only added living space, but also made it possible to build the most spacious vans and booths add-ins. The platform body is designed so that it will include deftly in a row six euro palettes. At the height — the same.

Multifunctional instrument panel in the center — on-board computer screen. It all necessary information: fuel consumption, temperature, remaining distance, warning of open doors, etc.

 In torpedo "next" has everything necessary for modern cars. In the instrument panel (also a leading manufacturer of "Visteon"), on-board computer, showing not only the immediate or track fuel consumption, the temperature in the cold, but the error codes, engine control systems. Multimedia, as it should be in the format 2DIN, with all features: touch screen, "bluetooth", "Hands free", navigation GPS («Navitel", "Aygo") and even wrong until GLONASS. Management of "music" on the steering wheel, as well as cruise control.
Airbags for the driver and passenger, seat belt pretensioners and are designed to deliver the guys from the company "Tokat". The ones who are setting up a similar system and sends the BMW and the "Audi". Heating, ventilation, air conditioning, painted and crafted into the design professionals’ Delfay "- recognized experts in this matter.

Multimedia with all the modern features: touch screen navigator, "bluetooth", the TV, USB-input, reads all possible formats, etc. In short, a small computer.

To no one doubted that the car was built for our drivers at the corners of the dashboard to make a comfortable niche for polutoralitrovye bottles. I’m not talking about the new sound insulation, door seals, locks, additional capacity under the doorsteps understated cabin — the novel will be released. But certainly stop the motor, chassis, control mechanisms. These changes derive the car to the highest level.

Front suspension "Gazelle-Next" independent! Performed by all the canons of modern cars — fast, with good handling and excellent running smoothness. 


I asked: "Also foreign engineers worked?" "Why, — said. — Its Sp there — those who worked on the choice of independent suspensions of "Volga". Foreigners we invited only for fine-tuning of specific nodes. " With such a suspension is organically combined rack and pinion brand ZF. Now, the reaction on the steering wheel becomes clear, quick and easy to understand, because the mechanism of the left hinge million.
Increased machine speed, dynamics, because in the brakes put larger diameter ventilated discs and, of course, more powerful mechanisms of Korean companies, "Mando". Of course, the mounted units of dynamic stabilization systems and anti-lock ("Bosch"), the newest, ninth generation — how to "Mersedese" or "Ford". According to the testers, the stopping distance "next" with 80 km / h was reduced by 2.3 m, reaching a better indicator of commercial vehicles on the market.


Wiper drive mechanism with a different scheme and kinematics. See amplifier stretch between the axles? Now the brush will work quickly and without crushing.

 Finally, the wheel end product from the implanted "Scheffler group" with a fixed bearing and guaranteed high mileage. It would be possible to put all one-piece unit is now accepted. But thought it would be easier and cheaper to change only one worn bearing.
The power unit is the only one: the most modern 120-hp turbo-diesel "Cummins", its gearbox with reinforced shafts, gears, seals and imported trehkonusnymi synchromesh on all gears. Clutch — "Sax" as shock absorbers, more powerful and located in a different kinematic pattern.

I will not tell the details, so as not to give his fellow testers, but I had acquired on a short test coveted car. Yes, it is lapping machine of the party, but almost all of the nodes on it serial. So, roll on the streets, has received almost one hundred percent of the future of the car.
Broad, but not the heavy door slams juicy in the opening, and I will gladly plunk down into a chair a new "Gazelle". How much freedom here! To the roof of his hand must still reach. And what a view! Move the seat back — yes there will sit quietly and uncle to two meters tall, not that I’m seventy meter.


"Gazelle" second generation designed directly with the expectation of a possible line of cars. The first of the series — "Sable-Next" and bus. About design "Sable" is debatable, but the functional good: large, spacious, comfortable. Longer than the preceding 250 mm.

I press a button, and a huge window almost instantly drowned in the doorway. I start up the engine, turn on the condo: barely perceptible vibration. Quench with them not only new sheathing and insulation, but also well-designed "Avis" support of the power unit.
Gently touch it. I twist the wheel all the way — you have to turn around. The number of revolutions donut decreased, and the turning radius has not changed, and this despite the increased base. It’s great! "Next" as the earlier "Gazelle", can spin on a dime.
Quickly disperses the empty unit to 120 km / h, the critical, in my experience, for a comfortable ride on the "Gazelle". Let go of the wheel: the car is flying down the highway, motionless. I’m trying to rock the truck: it responds quickly to steering wheel, a little heel, not scary reloaded on sinusoidal and quite clearly stands on the course.

I tested the car out of the initial batch. Among the shortcomings I will only too zealous assistance power steering. The testers continue to calibrate the amplifier to the beginning of sales of all was as it should.

I squeeze the pedal to the floor and accelerates to 145! Give rise to a sense of high speed aerodynamic noise unobtrusive and pleasant whistling strained turbine. The car is still smooth, deftly practicing bumps in the asphalt cracks and joints. Zadok does not jump too — so work well long-stroke shock absorbers. For frame construction factory suspension tuning manageability think soundly.
This was confirmed by a short shot on BULYGA "Next" jumping, swinging, but with the chosen course did not go. Although the required light adjustment wheel — shows the speed was too high. Neither the owner in their right mind do not rush off on a rough road.
I assume that with a load of the machine is not so high-spirited, but the dynamics remain on the level. "Bookshelf" feature of the moment — a good argument in favor of my speculation.


I think not more than six months: more cars this year from the initial batch sent "loyal customers", that is a real gazelistam who are able to appreciate the experience and identify gaps in the actual work. In March and April will see the first commodity cars.
Price? Of course, higher than the "Gazelle", but lower than its nearest competitor. The first cars will be on the road side or from the superstructures, following cars will run with double cabin, then — vans and buses combined.

18 seater bus based on the "next" convenient conventional minibuses — "Sprinter" and "Transit". Passengers are spacious, and the driver is not short. Resource same should not be less than foreign "peers."

To verify the information, has executed another spy trick. Volunteered on the conveyor: say, a passion as I want to see how the preparations for the commercial production of "Mercedes". It turned out in full swing and on the highest level. But most stared around and saw next to the conveyor, which collects "Business Gazelle", and here and there are frames with independent suspension. And off to the side — wide square cabin. Apparently, on the assembly line in full work out, "next", which means that promise was fulfilled on time. And in time: from WTO membership offers from competitors increase.

The trump cards "Gazelle-NEXT": STRONG INDEPENDENT FRONT SUSPENSION, provides a good course and maneuvering, HUGE, comfortable cabin with vertical walls for future SAME VAN, high-torque and economical turbo diesel, RELIABLE import component in almost all sites, HIGH LIFE, Long service millage (20 thousand km.) and low price. 

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