Gazprom bought for $ 1 gas transportation system in Kyrgyzstan

Russian "Gazprom" has acquired the gas transportation system of Kyrgyzstan for one dollar. This is stated in a signed, Prime Minister of Russia Dmitry Medvedev agreement on cooperation in the field of transportation, distribution and sale of natural gas on the territory of Kyrgyzstan, the press service of the Cabinet of Russia.

"The Kyrgyz party provides office on the territory of the Kyrgyz Republic 100% subsidiary of JSC" KyrgyzGas "and gives him all the gas pipelines owned by OAO" KyrgyzGas "distribution stations, underground gas storage facilities, land and other property, rights and interests specified in the Draft Agreement of use. Based on the sales contract between JSC "KyrgyzGas" and "Gazprom" to OJSC "Gazprom" is transmitted by direct sale 100% interest in the share capital of the company. share value is determined in the U.S. dollar, "- said in a statement .

In turn, the Russian side guarantees the investments in modernization and reconstruction of gas infrastructure in the amount of not less than 20 billion rubles (about $ 600 million — Ed.) For five years.

The new company will supply gas to Kyrgyzstan, underground gas storage, as well as construction, renovation and operation of the gas transmission and distribution systems, underground gas storage facilities and other infrastructure of the gas industry of the country.

Setting tariffs for gas transportation through the territory of Kyrgyzstan in third countries, as well as the storage of natural gas in underground storage "Gazprom" will carry himself.

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