Gazprom cooked in a string of more than 745 kilometers of Bovanenkovo — Ukhta

OAO "Gazprom" cook in a string of more than 745 kilometers of the linear part of the Bovanenkovo — Ukhta, according to information management company. According to RBC, the meeting noted that in 2011 it is planned to complete construction of the first pipeline stretching more than 1,200 kilometers with the backup thread underwater passages.

In addition, the compressor station (CS) "Baidarata" completed the installation of the main process equipment, is under construction and obscheobektovyh internal communication and training facility for testing. Started the construction of eight compressor stations (CS) — "Yarynskoy", "Gagaratskoy," "Vorkuta," "Usinskaya", "Inta", "Syninskoy", "Chikshinskoy" and "Maloperanskoy." Commissioning of the COP is scheduled for 2012-2013.

*** Recall that in December 2008, "Gazprom" has started Bovanenkovskoye field and the construction of the gas pipeline system "Bovanenko — Ukhta." The solemn ceremony of welding the first joint SMG held December 3, 2008 at Ukhta. The project provides for the input of main gas pipeline of 1,420 millimeters. To ensure the transportation of the Yamal gas in the Unified Gas Supply System of Russia in 2030 is planned to create a unique, unparalleled in Russia’s gas transportation system of the new generation. The gas will be transported in the direction of the Yamal — Ukhta (5-6 lines) with a length of about 1,100 kilometers, and further in the direction of Ukhta — Griazovets, Griazovets — Torzhok Griazovets — Yaroslavl, Ukhta — Fixes. The total length of the Yamal gas transportation on the new pipelines will more than 2500 kilometers. Also in the gas industry plans to introduce nine compressor stations, including seven in the Komi Republic, to be commissioned in the first workshops in 2012, the second workshop — 2015. Commissioning of the first start-up complex of the deposit and the first line of the SMG is scheduled for the third quarter of 2012. In 2012 it is planned to provide a supply of gas in the volume of 7.9 billion cubic meters, followed by an increase in productivity in 2016 — up to 115 billion cubic meters a year.

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