Gazprom in 2011, increased its profit by 35% to 1.307 trillion. rub

April 27, 2012 OAO "Gazprom" its audited consolidated financial statements for 2011, prepared in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards IFRS.

Gazprom’s net profit in 2011 increased by 35%, to 1.31 trillion rubles. to 968.6 billion rubles. in 2010, higher than the forecast of analysts who had expected the indicator at the level of 1.27 trillion rubles.

Gazprom’s revenues grew by 29% to 4.64 trillion rubles from 3.6 trillion rubles in 2010, while the forecast of 4.6 trillion rubles.

In 2011, his share of the European gas market has grown to 27 percent from 24 percent in 2010, while exports outside the CIS increased to 150 billion cubic meters of gas from 139 billion cubic meters. In this case, the export price of gas monopoly, which accounts for most of Gazprom’s revenues have grown in the past year, more than a quarter, while domestic prices gained 15 percent.

"Gazprom" in 2011 raised the net proceeds from the sale of gas by 29% — to 2.815 trillion rubles.

The most dramatic increase is observed on the post-Soviet countries, where the net proceeds from the sale of the gas monopoly has increased compared to 2010 by 42%, to 637 billion rubles. At the direction of increased and volumes of gas sold (by 16% to 11.5 billion cubic m.), And the average price (by 21%).

In the European sector net proceeds Gas sales increased by 31% to 1.44 trillion rubles., with an increase in sales volume by 6%. The lowest growth registered in the country: it increased revenues by 16% to 101.76 billion, with volumes rose slightly — by 3.4 billion cubic meters. m, or 1.2%

For the year 2011 net sales of gas The Russian Federation increased by 16% to 738.601 billion rubles, which is due primarily to an increase in the average selling price of gas in the domestic market, established by the FTS.

Net sales of refined products increased by 37% — up to 973 billion rubles.

Net proceeds from the sale of electricity and thermal energy increased by 19% — up to 344.551 billion rubles.

Proceeds from the sale of gas transportation services increased by 22% — up to 112.995 billion rubles.

 For the year 2011, "Gazprom" has extracted 513.2 billion cubic meters. meters of gas. By the end of 2011 ABC1 gas reserves on the balance sheet categories of "Gazprom" increased 1.9946 trillion cubic meters. m, up to 35.0469 trillion cubic meters. m increase in reserves is mainly occurred due to the licensed activities (1,803,700,000,000 cubic m.) — primarily due on the balance sheet Kovykta gas condensate field. The "Gazprom" has received a record increase reserves through exploration (GE) — 719.8 billion cubic meters. m, which is almost one and a half times higher than the production for the year. As a result, the IRT "Gazprom" in 2011, we opened five fields: Mynginskoe the Sea of Okhotsk, Novotatischevskoe in the Orenburg region, North-route and Myginskoe in the Tomsk region and Ignyalinsky in the Irkutsk region. In exploration company invested in 2011 58.9 billion rubles.

The following table presents the unaudited consolidated statement of comprehensive income under IFRS in 2011 and 2010. All amounts are presented in millions of Russian rubles.


In 2011, revenues from sales (net of VAT and customs duties) increased by 1,040,036 million rubles., Or 29%, compared to the same period in 2010 and amounted to 4,637,090 million rubles. Below is more detailed information on the main indicators of the structure of sales for 2011 and 2010.


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