Gazprom is developing its own technology for production

synthetic liquid fuels

The production process is based on a GTL technology Chemical transformations of hydrocarbon gases (natural gas, passing, etc.) into liquid hydrocarbons, in particular diesel fuel with high environmental characteristics and synthetic oil.

Production of synthetic liquid fuel is one of the priorities and future directions of innovation "Gazprom". The introduction of their own development in this area will contribute to the strategic objectives of the company to diversify its commodity products, enhance its added value.

At a meeting of the Board of JSC "Gazprom", it was noted that the ongoing research aimed at developing technologies and equipment which may be made on the domestic machine-building enterprises.

Board directed the core business units in 2014 to report on the results of the development of domestic production of GTL technology.

The raw material base of synthetic liquid fuels in Russia can serve as a small deposits of natural gas deposits in the stage of declining production, when the supply of gas to the gas transportation system becomes uneconomical and associated petroleum gas.

At present, the annual production of synthetic liquid fuel in the world is about 18 million tons.

Industrial technology of GTL, which are now used abroad, provide for the use of large equipment (weight of one unit can reach 2000 tons, diameter — 10 m, height — 60 m), which significantly increases the cost of construction of facilities in remote areas of the coast.

Built in the last few years, the modular units for processing of small volumes of gas are in the process of the pilot or pilot production.

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