Gazprom may increase gas exports to Asia-Pacific countries to the level of


"Gazprom" in the medium term to increase gas exports to the Asia-Pacific Region (APR) to a level comparable with supplies to Europe, said Chairman of the Board of "Gazprom" Alexey Miller.

"In the coming years, in the medium term, we can go out on the supply of gas to the Asia-Pacific region at a level that is comparable to the supply in Europe," — he said on Wednesday at the St. Petersburg International Gas Forum. Miller described the Asia-Pacific market as "very, very receptive." 

In autumn last year, "Gazprom" announced that he intends to speed up the implementation of the Eastern Gas Program to increase gas exports to Asia-Pacific countries to levels comparable with Europe.

Europe accounts for the bulk of the exports of "Gazprom". Thus, in January-March 2013 holding gas export grew by 0.1% — to 58.33 billion cubic meters, of which exports to Europe grew by 6.3% — to 41.66 billion cubic meters. In 2013, "Gazprom" expects gas exports to Europe by 9.4% — to 151.8 billion cubic meters, the CIS and Baltic countries — by 15.7%, to 74.5 billion cubic meters. At the end of 2012 in Europe was delivered 138.8 billion cubic meters of gas to the CIS and Baltic countries — 64.4 billion cubic meters.

Ministry of Energy previously evaluated the additional capabilities of Russian gas supplies to the Asia-Pacific region to 135 billion cubic meters by 2030.

Miller noted that the Eastern Gas Program will be implemented according to the principle "we are working on the market," and is primarily aimed at meeting the needs of the Russian market. "Those needs that we see in the east, are fully provided with a resource base," — he said, adding however that "Gazprom" aims to increase funding exploration to expand the resource base in the eastern region. According to Miller, the gas giant is ready to ensure that the Eastern Gas Program will require "even much more volume" stocks than there is now.

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