Gazprom Neft became the operator of another field in


Moscow. "Gazprom oil" became operator of the field Halabja in Iraqi Kurdistan. This was stated by Director General "daughter" of "Gazprom" Vadim Yakovlev. This is the third project of "Gazprom oil" in the autonomous education.

The company entered into a new project under a production sharing agreement (PSA) Russians went the share of 80 per cent, Kurdistan — 20 percent. According to Yakovlev, the near future in front of "Gazprom oil" is the task of preparing an exploration program, which will last about seven years. Reserves are estimated at section 90-100 million tons of hydrocarbons.
Previously, "Gazprom Neft" has signed with the authorities of the autonomy of the PSA in two other fields: Shakal and Garmian, in which the share is 80 percent and 40 percent, respectively. Operator Garmian while WesternZagros is a Canadian with a share of 40 percent. Holdings of the two sites is estimated at 1.5 billion tons of hydrocarbons.
The Iraqi government is trying to prevent the conclusion of contracts for oil in Kurdistan because of a dispute over the allocation of resource revenues. In particular, at the end of last year showed Baghdad "Gazprom oil" ultimatum, threatening to deprive it of the right to develop the field, "Badr" in case of further cooperation Kurds.
February 26 Yakovlev said that the Iraqi government has supported the work of "Gazprom oil" and no obstacles to launch the first stage, in the "Badr".
February 26 foreign projects operator of Russia’s gas monopoly Gazprom International said that the cooperation concern also suggested South Sudan. Details of partnership is not cited, known only that the parties to the negotiations have discussed a number of oil and gas and infrastructure projects.

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