Gazprom Neft has drilled the first well for the extraction of shale oil

"Gazprom Neft" has completed the drilling of the first exploration and appraisal well to industrial research and testing bazheno-Abalak horizon Palyanovskaya area Krasnoleninskoye field.

In the well received gushing flow of gas-oil mixture flow rate of 80 cubic meters per day. Studies selected core samples and testing prospective reservoir horizons confirm the presence vysokoprovodimyh channels in formations of shale oil. 

The specialists of "Gazprom oil" also analyzed the results of testing and operation of the previously doburennyh to the Bazhenov Formation wells located in relative proximity to Krasnoleninskoye field (Khanty). Currently, the company is working to create a conceptual geological model of shale oil deposits, and also defines the area to drill a new well pad. In the summer of 2013 "Gazprom oil" is planning to draft a commercial development of oil shale deposits Palyanovskaya area Krasnoleninskoye field.

Assessing the potential bazheno-Abalak horizon Palyanovskaya Square — the second project "Gazprom oil" to explore the possibilities of extraction of shale oil. Similar experience the company receives in a joint venture with Shell — the company Salym Petroleum Development (SPD). The specialists of "Gazprom oil», Shell and SPD created a "road map", which determines the stage of the movement to develop a commercial scale Bazhenov Upper Salym oil field in the Khanty-Mansi — Yugra.


Shale oil is contained in the Bazhenov, abalak Frolovskaya and suites — rocks of West Siberia with ultra-low permeability but high oil saturation.

On Palyanovskaya area conducted seismic 2D and 3D, layers of shale oil found in drilling 25 exploration and 10 development wells.

Experimental — industrial work Palyanovskaya area began in the fall of 2012, when it was reactivated five wells. After the company started drilling of an appraisal well in the north-eastern part of Palyanovskaya area.

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