Gazprom Neft improving technology of oil production

On Vyngapurovskoye field (developed "Neft-Noyabrskneftegas") commissioned a horizontal well, which for the first time in "Gazprom oil" was held on 8-stage hydraulic fracturing (frac). Until now, the number of fractures, carried by one horizontal bore does not exceed 6-7 steps. The depth of the new well is 4.4 thousand meters, the length of the horizontal section — about one thousand meters, the resulting flow rate — 75 tons a day.

"We are constantly developing new technologies expertise and replicating it in their projects. Last year, the maximum length of the horizontal section of our wells was 800 meters and the number of MGRP increased from 3 to 6 stages. Now the length of horizontal wells has already reached one thousand meters, and the number of MGRP we plan to increase this year to 9-10 stages. Greatly expanded use of technology and geography MGRP in the development of large deposits of "Gazprom oil": If last year it was applied at three fields, but this — this time on the seven ", — Said the first deputy general director of "Gazprom oil" Vadim Yakovlev. 

Increasing the length of horizontal well fracturing and the number of steps can extend the area of the development of the reservoir, increasing the production rate of the wells drilled in the sediments, which are characterized by low permeability and belong to the category of stranded (TRIZ). The use of horizontal wells with multi-stage fracturing conduct (MGRP) — one of the main methods of development of TRIZ. "Gazprom Neft", adopted a program of work with this group of stocks in 2012, the company plans — involvement in the development of 60 million tons of stranded until 2015, and by 2020 this figure should increase to 300 million tons.

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