Gazprom Neft-North-West has increased the supply of fuel for urban transport

Monthly volume of fuel supply company "Gazprom Neft-North-West" for city services reached 3,000,000 liters. Retail supply of petroleum products and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) produced by the Yaroslavl and Moscow Refinery is a number of large enterprises in the sphere of passenger transportation for urban public transport and inter-city buses of St. Petersburg, Leningrad and other regions of the North-West region.

Among the major urban Carriers — Transport Company "PITERAVTO", has a fleet of over 2,200 buses and serving an extensive network of 206 routes in St. Petersburg.
Supply of petroleum products is also done for the State Unitary Enterprise "Passagiravtotrans" exploiting more than 1,300 buses on 103 urban, suburban 6 and 8 long-distance routes and SUE "Lenoblpassazhiravtotrans", numbering about 500 buses and has a regional network of 30 long-distance routes.
Among the organizations that purchase fuel from a subsidiary of "Gazprom oil" is a branch "Industrial Association of special machines and mechanisms" SUE "Energy of St. Petersburg." Car fleet includes combining transport and equipment for maintenance and repair of heating systems and employs 500 units of machinery, including cars and emergency vehicles, cranes, earth moving equipment, trucks, buses and cargo trucks.
In the Novgorod region one of the main ways to reduce the cost of major passenger transport enterprises see the translation of the gasoline fleet to natural gas, the cost of which is 3-4 times lower than gasoline. Thus, a major carrier of Veliky Novgorod — transportation company MUP "PAT 2", having a fleet of 187 buses, 87 of them runs on CNG gas company, "Novgorod MTE-1" serving 70 inter-regional, urban and suburban routes, has 122 buses , of which slightly more than half have already been translated into gas fuel.
Delivery of petroleum products and LPG organizations and businesses made at the gas station network of "Gazprom Neft" by means of cashless payment system using fuel cards. As the general director of "Gazprom Neft-North-West" Valery Ledovskih, it allows companies to get detailed information about the gas stations of each unit of transport and thus provide complete control over the flow of funds and the amounts of fuel.

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