Gazprom Salavat Petrochemical completed the construction of a urea granulation

Salavat, 09.02.2012.


Company — Gazprom Salavat Petrochemical

Investment in the project — 1,200 million rubles.

Plant capacity — 1200 m / day.

Timeframe for implementation — 2011 — Iq. 2012. 


At the gas-chemical plant completed the construction of a new facility — urea granulation unit. Pilot batch — about 60 tons of urea produced as a result of the first three hours of operation. In early March, urea granulation plant will come on industrial development to achieve mileage warranty Ratios.

Installation of urea granulation technology of the Japanese company Toyo Engineering Corporation-the only one in Russia. Choosing the licensor and the opportunity to purchase equipment from domestic manufacturers have allowed OAO "Gazprom Salavat Petrochemical" reduce the cost of the project by 30%. In general, the installation company has invested 1 billion 200 million rubles.


Active construction within the priority project for the company was conducted from April 2011. At the same time the industrial area were present to 400 professionals and workers in the day, including the representatives of Japan and Germany. The work was done around the clock.


The new installation is completely harmless. It comprises a scrubber, which allows the capture and recycle the ammonia and urea dust, which eliminates the impact on the environment.


Granular urea outperforms prilled. It is several times stronger, less caking and easy to transport over long distances. The future plans of the company — the implementation of granular urea for export.



Today JSC "Gazprom Salavat Petrochemical" produces urea prilling in the shops number 50 and number 24 GHZ (total design capacity of 2,200 tonnes per day). With the commissioning of the process chain installation of granular urea in the company according to the needs of the market will be able to produce up to 1,200 tons of granular urea per day, and in the case of increasing the capacity for urea — up to 1,400 tons per day.

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