GC Electroshield supplied equipment to the Khabarovsk refinery

 Photo source:electroshield.ru

Khabarovsk oil refinery — the oldest company of the industry, and one of the largest factory of Khabarovsk Krai. Construction of the plant began in 1930, and in 1935 the company started work. In recent years, the refinery is constantly being upgraded, improving the volume and quality of production. The plant is carried out full-scale reconstruction. Has recently been replaced by a catalytic reforming catalyst. To supply power to the new equipment to the Khabarovsk refinery were purchased cell SESHCH-63 in the amount of 29 pieces. Group of Companies "Electroshield" always been close co-operation with the oil industry and nefteperabatyvayuschey. Because of this, switchgear cell SESHCH-63 very well show themselves in those industries. SESHCH-63 is reliable and has high security, which allows to protect equipment and significantly reduces the risk for staff.

With the launch of a new catalytic reforming Khabarovsk refinery was able to produce a higher quality gasoline and reduce the amount of additives in the new fuel.

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