GC Electroshield won the tender for the supply of equipment and construction works on the SS Bytkha in Sochi

January 31, 2011

The tender for the supply of equipment for the SS "Bytkha" won the Group of Companies "Electroshield."
Group of Companies "Electroshield" put on the object cells SESHCH 76-63-61M SESHCH in modular building, modular package and a 110/10 kV. The cells will be placed on the top tier of the substation with power transformers. The last two will be set at 40 MVA each. Delivery times are tight. In addition to a bunk layout feature substation "Bytkha" is its earthquake resistance. The object can not resist the power of the earthquake of 9 points.
GC "Electroshield" also won the contract for the construction and installation works, which are now underway. At the facility employs 40 construction workers, who work in three shifts.
Substation "Bytkha" 110 kV is expensive and important object of power, on which the power of several areas of the city or a village. PS "Bytkha" now being built in Sochi. The peculiarity of this substation is dictated by the mountainous terrain on which it is mounted. Because of the characteristics of the landscape substation will step-that is, the equipment will be located on two levels, the height difference between them is 5 meters.

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