GC Enterra launched a new plant for the production of equipment

In Yekaterinburg, the opening of the new production hall, which houses the land who had moved from the factory, "QFT-Ural" (part of "Enterra"), as well as the newly organized assembly section disconnectors.

The need for expansion of production space enterprise, it became clear even in the middle of last year, when sales management announced plans to download for 2013. Therefore, in Yekaterinburg was appropriated in the third workshop, which was overhauled and equipped with the necessary lifting and auxiliary machinery.
The opening of the new production hall was inviting colleagues from other parts of the Group of Companies "Enterra": Department of Design, Construction Management, Management, Sales and Project Management Center.

Conducted a tour of the executive director of the factory, "QFT-Ural" Igor Zelenkin.

I. Zelenkin: Over the past 4 years we have launched two new departments: assembly and production equipment. There are further plans for the next two years to expand the area. The new shop — it is first and foremost, new opportunities and challenges for the development of enterprises, new activities and products. For example, the equipment housed in the workshop production of more high-tech products — disconnectors.

The new workshop area of production of non-ferrous metals located more comfortably next — a warehouse of products, which are packaged and prepared for shipment rigid bus-bar conductors, expansion joints, bus bridges.

At the station assembly disconnectors RSE "Iset" 110 kV and 220 special interest aroused considerable versatile tool for assembly support frame isolator with the possibility of material handling products within the production cycle. The use of these devices has streamlined the movement of heavy isolator in the assembly process. These devices have been specifically designed and manufactured according to the drawings service chief technologist of the plant. Conducting high-voltage test circuit breakers while by means of movable electric, soon to be acquired by a stationary test station. Soon, the shop will build disconnectors for delivery at the substation "City" 110 kV and "laggards" 220 kV.

Executive director noted the excellent work of the staff of the plant "QFT-Ural" for the well-planned and organized relocation sites of Berezovsky in Ekaterinburg. With this in just a 3:00 resumed production process — production of products for large order for the branch of JSC "FGC UES" — "MES Volga."

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