GC OptoGaN presented a new class of light-emitting diodes

 Photo source:i-mash.ru

The group of companies "OptoGaN" displays on the Russian market a new class of light-emitting diodes.
A new class of light-emitting diodes are produced in «Chip on Board» (COB), which allows you to create the most powerful points of light representing an array of LED chips mounted on a single board and covered with a layer of phosphor general.
LEDs are used for the production of boards, made of copper-based alloy materials with high thermal conductivity, which allows to obtain a record low thermal resistance — from 0.5 to 2 K / W and to ensure effective heat.
"Our new product — high-power LEDs made by technology" Chip on Board ", the use of which will reduce the cost of lumens of light and, therefore, the cost of the final lighting products", — says Alexei Bucket, executive vice president of the group of companies "OptoGaN." — "Thanks to the use in the production of their own LED chips made using a patented technology to our factory, we offer a high-end product at prices below world. And our manufacturing capabilities and offer customers a specially designed solutions to meet their needs and characteristics of the final lighting products, "- he added.

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